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Is having a minimum wage a shallow stupid idea?

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. August 24, 2006
I. A glass jaw analogy.
We in the United States need to start focusing more on how our economy can survive after a nuclear blast. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is only a matter of time before a blast happens. You can forget about a dependable one world global economy, it ain’t gonna happen. The reason why is you will never get totally fair play because of human self-interest.

It could only happen with brute force and total domination. For over ten years now I have been screaming and hollering in the wilderness about getting back to the basics. Still, ain’t anybody listening? Back to the basics means above all rebuilding a strong nuclear family system like throughout history. In my view the only way the U.S. and western civilization is going to survive in this age of nuclear proliferation and terrorist is back to the basics.

That is why I rant and rave so hard about the necessity of a strong independent nuclear family system with strong moral and family values. The simple fact is I’m not sure this country can survive temporary without money until we can reorganize. Not being able to do that in these dire times is inexcusable, irresponsible, dumb, and just plain stupid. And if anybody is ignorant enough to think that our currency can’t become worthless that is proof enough for me that we may be doomed.

Sane rational people might as well realize that the U.S. alone is not going to be able to keep WMD’s out of the hands of the terrorist forever. However, in my view unless the U.S. and Western Europe privatize out of their insane doomsday welfare states I personally don't see any hope of saving western civilization. If our insane doomsday welfare state could be dismantled it would allow the U.S. to be able to take a nuclear sucker punch and counter with a right-cross nuclear knockout punch.

Otherwise, our current economical glass jaw may not be able to take a nuclear punch without our economy being down for the count. Then with the economy down we have no last resort bartering capacity, strong nuclear family system, or high morals left to keep us from going for each other throats.

No one wants to face a dire dilemma like this, but only nations with a strong culture, a free floating free market place, and a strong independent nuclear family systems can survive long enough without money to regroup and survive. The U.S. might as well face the fact that we alone can’t stop this vast nuclear proliferation going on. Its time we take heed of the football defense ideology, “First you have to prevent losing the game before you can win the game.”

After everything is said and done, in the end defense wins wars and championships.My ancestors were brought to America in chains, but America is my home the only home I know. And I love it with all of my heart. This great protector of freedom is an exception in nature something that comes along maybe once in ten thousand years if ever again. If America and western civilization goes down, I'm sure hate and unforgiveness could regress the world back to the stone or copper age.

This is no game we are playing for all of the survival marbles. To all of you do-gooders that think you know best, you think the value of money is a given, but you are wrong. This stupid modern idea of placing the nation’s whole survival only on money is insane and is proof of a weak national survival instinct. Like the Roman Empire, there once was a great North America protector of freedom. And the beat goes on.

No matter how intelligent or educated one may be, there are simply some things you cannot see except through hardship and struggle. In past year’s parents with wisdom imposed controlled hardship and struggle on their young to instill wisdom and proper character. Now Hollywood, Mtv, and Hip Hop are shaping young minds. I'm not saying these organizations are bad, what I'm saying is young minds should be shaped in the home by responsible parents. In Gods name, may the force be with the U.S. always.

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I see the economy resting on a three legged stool. The three legs are money, the value of money, and energy. The energy can be raw hard labor elbow grease or high speed computerized mechanized assembly lines. The value of money can be in the money itself such as gold, or just paper with no backup. Most world economies today use just a paper currency with no guaranteed backup.

I don't have a problem with the no gold backup, but, what I do have a severe problem with is no plan "B" or back up trade or bartering capacity as an emergency last resort. That is the reason I keep ranting and raving in my own way trying to wake America up. The sky may not be falling, but our freedom is doomed unless we have an emergency backup to survive temporary without money. Business is only a more efficient means to trade or barter with the use of money.

Getting caught up in an inflated currency can cause one to loose sight of the basics, which first is to eat, sleep and stay warm. You tell me, how in the hell is this country going to eat, sleep, and stay warm without going for each others throat when the currency collapses? With the condition of our nuclear family system and a do-for-me dependent mentality, one week without a dependable currency and we will be at each others throat like hungry wild animals.

Good morals, a respect for the law, and a respect for other people property is the only thing that keep man civilized. Now, even with full stomachs crime is running rampart and the prisons are full. I'm warning you, this doomsday welfare state that the progressive do-good liberals have enticed upon this great predominant Christian nation is going to take this nation down. If this nation can't muster the will to privatize out of this big government welfare state there is no hope, we are going down.

Nothing else can turn the tide. No amount of fingers in the dike is going to stem the tide. It is almost too late. God save us. Where there is a will there is a way, keep hope alive. Praise the Lord.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. June 21, 2006
I. Is having a minimum wage a shallow stupid idea?

I know my views are not taken seriously and are seen as kooky. However, some things need to be said regardless. In my view next to the welfare state I place a minimum wage the second worst destructive curse the progressive liberal have placed on this great predominant Christian nation. A minimum wage guarantees you you will not have a free floating free market place. There is nothing free about a government forcing a minimum wage on a free people.

In a free democracy the government job is to collect taxes, protect the country from foreign and domestic enemies, and provide only the basic services that the citizens can't do for themselves, period. A welfare state mentality has screwed up our priority as a nation. Too many people today are placing the cart before the horse. They are more concerned about what have government done for me lately than what can I do for my self.

I see all of these people believing the minimum wage should be raised, but they have no idea what creates wealth? They see this country as the richest country on earth but have no idea why it's the richest country on earth? They don't realize to create great wealth you first must have people willing to take great risk with an expectation for a great reward. Without a lot of these types of people great wealth cannot be created in a nation.

And, the more high taxes and socialism you have the less of these types of people you will have. Normal ordinary people don't create great wealth because they are not willing to take great risk. Entrepreneurs are a special breed with a special mentality and there has never been and never will be a rich and prosperous country without them. You take away the expectation for a big reward and you will never create great wealth in a nation.

Why do you think almost the whole world is poor and will always be poor? The reason is because those in power are greedy and selfish and will not allow a free market place with low taxes and unhindered competition. No one is going to be extra productive when the government is taking almost all of their reward. The US is still the engine and market of the world. The economies of the dragons, little dragons, and many others were built on and still survive on the US market.

Otherwise, if they had to depend only on their own domestic market they would still be very poor. However, the US avoiding a rebirth at all cost have sold its soul and manufacturing base in search of new markets. Benjamin Franklin and the founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they knew their creation has been turned into this dooms day welfare state.

All of these progressive liberals that are demanding higher taxes and a raise in the minimum wage think wealth is created out of thin air. Don't get me twisted, I'm a realist, I know the minimum wage is here to stay. I know the clock can't just be turned back even if most agreed with me. Now, we are speeding too fast down this insane minimum wage welfare state road to just slam on brakes.

What all of these raise the minimum wage people don't understand is, it’s not the amount of money that matters, it’s the buying power of the money that matters. Fifty years ago you could buy more food for ten dollars than you can for fifty dollars today. Sure, you can raise the minimum wage but it's not going to solve the problem because the things you buy are going to go up too.

The root problem is the government as a provider is paying the poor people's share to allow prices to keep going higher and higher for everybody in a never ending spiral. It's stupid. Its physical impossible to last. Nothing can continue unending growth. A rebirth must take place, but the welfare state has destroyed the nuclear family and our bartering capacity to get through a rebirth. It fits the old saying that "The way to hell is paved with good intention."

Even learned economist may not have the perspective to dissect the inner working of an economy and understand what motivates people to create wealth. On the surface helping the poor is a noble and good thing, which could be against that? But, good intent and doing good have to be kept in perspective. Just ask any parent that failed to balance discipline with love.

So, when the few progressive liberals at the time discovered after the "New deal" that doing good and providing for the poor would keep them in power the modern welfare state was born. Only a few realized at the time that a monster was being created, and today many still don't realize we have a monster on our hands.

This super provider welfare state monster has eliminated the need for the traditional strong nuclear family, thereby destroying the basic unit for moral and human survival. If government was not paying anybody's share to support higher and higher prices the system would balance itself. Then the poor and the masses would be able to pay for their own food and medical bills because their numbers would dictate prices down to their levels.

The prices and everything else would come down to a level where the poor and masses could pay out of pocket for the basic needs to survive. And if the government was out of the provider business a strong nuclear family system would rebound along with good moral and family values. Then when one couldn't make it on his own the traditional strong nuclear and extended family umbrella would be there to assure survival.

But, with this doomsday welfare state provider economy we are caught up in I have serious doubts about our long term survival, especially as a free nation. Government as a provider is what's fueling inflation. Government as a provider is going to be our doom; there is no getting around that fact. Sure, many will laugh and call me a kook, but, in my mind I think my writing is a national asset.

One may not agree with anything I write, but everyone must admit that there is food for thought here that you will never find anywhere else. I don't hate or dislike government. In fact we can't survive without government, and there are many things we need that only government can provide. However, government has its place and must be kept in perspective. There is nothing better than good friendly government.

But, this super provider welfare state the progressive liberals have enticed upon this great, great country is a monster that is going to gobble us all down. This welfare state monster is just like dope, he was all doctor feel good at first, but now his Mr. Hide side is going to strip this country of its soul, dignity, and last ounce of self-respect. May God bless and keep America always.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. May 22, 2006
I. Is it fair to stop gays from marring?

This morning on TV they were discussing gay marriages. With my so called kooky and extremist views I know it's a subject I should leave alone. But, I guess I'm too much of a busybody advocate, and can't resist putting my foot in my mouth. However, I may surprise some people on my real views on the matter.

Actually I lump gay marriage, illegal immigration, low morals, and many other issues all in the same gift bag of symptoms that came with the creation of our welfare state. I hate to be a spoil sport or rain on anybody's parade, but the sad fact is, all of the above social issues are really unsolvable and will win out in the end. The reason why is, no amount of just treating symptoms and ignoring the root cause is going to solve the problem.

The cause is our welfare state. Folks, stop! And think. Throughout history there has never been a clamor for homosexuals to get married, until now. The only survival need for any marriage in the first place is to provide a safe and stable environment to birth and raise children until they can fend for themselves. Polygamy and harems have been around from the beginning. The government has no business being in the provider business in the first place.

I have a heart too, I care about grandma, the sick and the disable, but my wisdom and knowledge of history makes me want to help save this great nation even after the day when this temporary welfare state is broke and can't help you. When our currency becomes worthless what are grandma and the sick and the disabled going to do? When there is no money to pay care takers what are grandma and the sick and disable going to do?

You tell me, when our food supply that is trucked long distance is interrupted and we have almost no back up bartering capacity to survive what are grandma and the sick and disable going to do? You tell me, without a strong nuclear and extended family system when money becomes worthless do you think caretakers are still going to take care of grandma and the sick and disabled?

You tell me, at the first sign of a real calamity that the grocery shelves won't be cleaned? You tell me, that there won't be mass hoarding? You tell me, with the condition of our low moral and family values that are going to respect other people or their property when money is worthless?You tell me, that there won't be bottle necks everywhere and food of fuel may not get through?

You tell me, as a mobile society there won't be mass killing for fuel? Sounds like something out of science fiction doesn't it. Well, I'm the one that suppose to be the kook, right. Okay, you just keep depending on this welfare state and it spending money like it is going out of style and we'll just let history determine who the real kook is. One other thing for sure is, if the US economy goes down the whole world economy goes down with it.

I Never set out or volunteered to speak out like I'm doing. To me, I'm answering a call to duty by some divine intervention force or something. I actually hate the lime light in anyway. Below the surface deep down I'm still a neurotic insecure individual. A few times I have dozed off on a job and awaken and for a fleeting second wonders what the hell are you doing here, you will never amount to anything, you are unworthy, you don't deserve this job, you are a fraud, quickly my rationality snaps back.

Sure, government as an employer must pay its employees, a bureaucracy has been around almost as long as civilization. But, that is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about government playing daddy and a sugar daddy as that. That is what has destroyed the nuclear family, the economy, our moral values, and our ability to barter and survive through hard times. That it is what makes our social problems unsolvable.

Government as a provider has all but destroyed the nuclear family and made it where a spouse no longer needs to be the opposite sex. This whole gay marriage clamor is really about spousal and other benefits that this welfare state provider has made so enticing. It's only natural that everybody wants to get on a gravy train or ride a free horse. Why should it be any different for gay people? Why keep gays from the trough while so many others are slopping?

Never mind how an illegal immigrant kid got to your table, but, could you sit there and feast without allowing him a crumb? So, I ask, is it fair to keep gays off the gravy train when so many others are ride, ride, riding? As long as this super provider welfare state is in place and we refuse to dismantle it, we might as well accept our fate because it comes with the territory.

We have foolishly thrown our moral armor away and ended up lost in a moral and social jungle with many glaring eyes staring back at us in the darkness. A strong Christian camp fire must be kept burning for us to ever find our way safely back home. Personally, I feel we no longer as a nation have the wisdom, discipline, or the will necessary to make the hard choices to save this great nation from doom.

I also believe there is still enough goodness about this great nation that God will not let it be totally destroyed. Sure, through divine intervention he is going to take this great nation to the brink with unheard of trials and tribulations. That is necessary to re-instill our wisdom, discipline, and will necessary to survive, which we have lost. But, in the end, I don't believe he will let this great predominant Christian nation perish. Thy art with me. Glory is to God.